More Deadlines!

So yesterday, I was adding more clues to SEAL Wolf Undercover, stopped to fixed lunch, and got a call from my editor, who wants more stuff in Between and Wolf and a Hard Place. Or she wants me to take out a bunch of characters. She wants more wolf stuff, less ghost stuff. Have I ever told you how if you change ONE thing. ONE little thing…even as much as moving a kiss to an earlier page in the book will change EVERYTHING. It’s like a tiny current that turns into a tidal wave.

I was reading over my sold synopsis of SEAL Wolf Undercover after I had written over 75% of the book and realized, horrors, the man attacked in the beginning of the book wasn’t dead. Really? So I had to go back and find all the killed, dead, murdered, and everything else that referenced it, and still as I edit and edit I keep finding dead man references using some other terminology. 🙂 Plus, he’s no longer just gone, he’s another person I have to mention–they have to check on him, be concerned, he has to come out of the coma, tell them things. I mean, I love it, but it’s amazing how going from dead to nearly dead really changes the story. lol

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I told my editor I’m juggling 3 books, just finished with edits on another, and am having a hard time stopping one and starting over and over. So she gave me a little later date on edits, though I have a conference in the middle of that. So I stopped working on SEAL yesterday, and started proofing Jaguar, because I knew it would take only a couple of days to do it. I’d already read through the 5 or so comments, everything easily fixed, but I still need to read every single sentence to make sure they didn’t leave words out, which they did, when they did all their cutting and changing. And I found some words that needed to be changed because I had the same word, like dropped three times in a paragraph. It might not be really noticeable if you’re a fast reader, but if it’s made into an audiobook, it’s really noticeable.

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I’m still proofing A Very Jaguar Christmas and was thrilled I should have that done today. This morning, if my daughter didn’t want me to follow her to the car dealership and make sure her bumper doesn’t fall off. But it should be done today. I think I have about 70 pages left, 230 done. I would have been more thrilled to have finished it, but now I have a major bunch of rewrites on the other book, and so it’s definitely not a time for celebration. So after proofing Jaguar and turning it in, I’m back to rereading SEAL, adding clues, making changes. I still need to get it to my beta reader, and the book is due in 13 days. ugh.

And Max kept wanting on my lap and I had to stop and wash them because they rolled in something. Tanner said it was Max’s fault that they got a bath because if he wasn’t such a momma’s boy and wanting on my lap all the time, they wouldn’t have gotten a bath.

He’s right.

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Okay, off to help my daughter out and then back to work!

Have a super wonderful day!!! Mine is destined for deadlines.


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4 thoughts on “More Deadlines!

  1. They have you on a busy schedule! I bet sometimes you wonder if you’re still in the military? Ha
    Just kidding of course, thanks for giving us an occasional peek into the demands of the publishing world. Cheers

    • yeah, I never had one of those cushy jobs where you got to shoot the breeze half the day. lol

      It keeps me out of trouble for sure! But I’m ready for a beak! And is it okay to admit I want more rain???

      • Yea, I’m with you on the rain. Lake is still up and all the picnic areas and boat ramps are still under wayer, but my veggies are drying up. The wind and sun is doing its job on us.

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