Grapevine, Really? & Happy Father’s Day!!!

maple life is sweet in a garden 002 (640x427)grapevine (439x640)Okay, skip writing, after cutting down the “maple” tree that was on top of the pine tree and the fence, I learn it wasn’t a maple tree at all. It was a wild grapevine. Think of the possibilities! Wine jellies. Wine wine. Hey, you know that some of our most famous writers were either high or…well, anyway, maybe THAT’S what I need for my muse. 🙂

Soooo, methinks I need to rethink this situation. I look them up. Are they going to take over my other plants in that area? Probably. BUT, I cut the trunk down already, and look how it’s sprouting from the roots again. So getting rid of it isn’t easy anyway. Now, what’s the good thing about it? It’s growing!!! No water needed. It’s native. AND it has grapes which both the birds and butterflies love. Since I’ve been so hard at work trying to coax butterflies and birds into the garden, maybe a well-trained grapevine could work.

Or not.

red leaf (640x427)

Oh, found a picture of the tree before I cut it down. Yes, it looks like a maple tree. I did good. 🙂

Since I didn’t kill the grapevine already anyway, might as well give it a chance to prove to me it is good for the garden. If that doesn’t work? Off with its head!

maple life is sweet in a garden 006 (533x640)Life is Sweet in the Garden. Yep. But sometimes ruthless. See the beautiful butterfly ornament? Very heavy and during the night, it fell over. Have no idea how it could have because it was stuck in the soil. But it did. And it didn’t fall toward the fence. It fell forward and crushed the coneflower in front of it. 🙁

So I moved the butterfly ornament for exhibiting bad behavior, found a spot where I could sink it deeper, and HOPEFULLY, it will behave itself.

Life is a story.

Have a super great day. I did all my promo blogs yesterday for my publisher. Hope! And then I worked on SEAL. I’m conflicted. Keep the story as it is? Or take out a few extra bad guys?

Remember, one change, changes all….

I hate that line they’re using in all the shows nowadays: It’s complicated. Are you as sick of it as I am? It’s a cop-out. But I think my base of villains might be too complicated. So I’m still thinking on it…what will the damage be if I take out some of them?

How many more rewrites?

But in the end, it doesn’t matter. I want it to be the best read it can be. 🙂

To the Moon

And Happy Father’s Day! When I have a chance to figure out one of my dad’s stories–I will write it! He was wearing goggles when he was little, and he was in the Army Air Corp, shot down during WWII, called up for the Cuban Missile Crisis on standby, and ended up working on the space program with our first mission to the moon. Soooo, it seemed just perfect. Thanks, Dad, for all the wonderful adventures you shared with me growing up. You will always be remembered.

Have a super great day!!! I’m off to make mine just as super!


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2 thoughts on “Grapevine, Really? & Happy Father’s Day!!!

  1. If your mystery plant is a wild grape then you would surely enjoy all the nice things there are to do with them. Can you fix it something to climb on? Mine is growing in the top of an oak tree, but a better idea is a trellis or fence, although you might want to ask if the humidity and shade would damage the fence. My grape vine is so high it is inaccessible. When I was a youngun my Mom made pie from the green grapes. It was sort of like rhubarb, wonderful flavor but required a ton of sugar.

    • oh, okay. Yeah, the heat and humidity might be hard on the fence. I can put a trellis there. Also, the pine tree is right there. I wonder if it would grow up the pine tree? Have both then? I’ll have to see.

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