Birds at the Old Place, and New Place

bluebird closeupblue birds 039 (640x427)These pictures show the difference between capturing birds in shots here, compared to at my old house.

daddy cardinal feeding baby (640x442)

cardinals 019 (640x427) (2)blue jays in love (640x462)I couldn’t find the blue jay photo at the other house, but believe me, it wasn’t good. He was in the shrubs and between the window screens, branch and twig clutter and a bird on the move, they were a lot harder to capture. I think in all the years I was there, I only saw one once.

Now what I don’t have here are these kinds of photos.

roadrunner two 002 (640x556) croppedroad runner on barn 005hawk closeup on electric poleThey have hawks here, but thankfully not near my feeders. 🙂 They might have roadrunners, but I’ve never seen one here.

And one of these days I’m going to capture a snowy egret. They fly overhead here, but I never have my camera with me when they do. I had hummingbirds at the other house, but didn’t have my camera with me the couple of times I saw her around the flowers.

hummingbird 014 (3)With clear windows, no screens, up-close feeders, and a perfect “window seat” to capture them as I write away on my books and have my camera next to the keyboard, it’s perfect. AC, no bugs,  fill the feeders, and I’m good to go. At the other house, I also had to climb a kitchen stool to get up high enough to capture the birds on the back patio, which meant half the time they’d fly away.

Okay, so I’m back to work, finished SEAL Wolf Undercover and it’s off to the beta reader and promo blogs are done, and now I’m ready to do the rewrites on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place.

It’s a little cooler this morning because of storms last night so I was going to walk the puppies, but no insect repellent. I was sure I had tons of it. 🙁

Have a great day!


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