Sugar Baby Watermelons!

watermelon 005 (640x427)watermelon 001 (427x640)watermelon 002 (640x427)watermelon 007 (640x427) watermelon 008 (640x427)Five of them! Have you ever been looking for something–constantly, and never see it right in front of your eyes? I’ve been checking the watermelon plant over constantly, and I only just saw the 5 watermelons on the plant, when they had to have been growing there for a few days. Aren’t they the cutest, hairiest little things? I’ve never grown them before–can you tell?–which is why I didn’t know exactly what would happen. I thought the flower would produce the watermelon like with tomato plants or bell pepper plants, but instead, the watermelon is behind the flower and then the flower dies off.

The same thing happened with my other bell pepper plants. All of a sudden, they are filled with peppers!

bell peppers (2) (640x495)bell peppers (640x427)And the tomato plants keep producing.

tomatoes (640x427) (2)I’m still eagerly awaiting the kaleidoscope butterfly plant to burst into bloom.

kaleidoscope butterfly bush (640x427) (2)It’s supposed to be all different colors. And I wait, and I watch, and I wait, and I watch….

And of course if I’m taking pictures of something, Max has to check it out too. Must be something really important.

max and the butterfly bush (640x427)And I was excited to capture a shot of my first butterfly–a black swallowtail. Now, it wasn’t easy. He was flying so fast and not sitting still on anything and I was whipping my camera around, trying to focus on him. So first shot out of four (the other three, he was gone), and I caught a blurry one of him. But still cool because I could identify him. Maybe he’ll land sometime and I can get a better shot. There are a couple of others I’ve seen. One looks like a Monarch, and the other, not sure. It was all orange, probably had some markings, but moved too fast.

black butterfly 035

I’m off to revise more on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place. 65 pages done, 140 to go. So making progress. 🙂

Have a super wonderfully magnificent day!!!


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4 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Watermelons!

  1. My gardening is so different from most. I follow a practice described to me by a friend of my Dad’s. He had a garden tractor with a planter (which I purchased when he could no longer use it) and since it slowed him down planting to empty the seed hopper each time he changed seed, he just watched and dumped in the next kind as he went. This caused the seeds to mix and get planted wherever. I saw why he did this and followed his lead. At first I vowed to never do it again because of the complete chaos when harvest comes. But then I discovered the fun of searching and wondering what different plants were. It helped me learn to identify things better, and I still love the “search” required to garden this way. Some folks have to be so organized that they are shaking their heads about now. LOL To each his own.I forgot to say that my garden is about an acre.

  2. Chaos is fun. It’s like Christmas! I’ve never planted anything but tomatoes before. well, tried lettuce, but it didn’t do well in OK where I was. And tried mint, was blown over in a storm and became a weed in the lawn. lol My dad always planted big. He was a farmer at heart. I’m an experimental gardener, so I’m seeing what will work in this new place. I’ve had a ball with the chives, parsley, bay leaves, and tomatoes. At another home, I grew lots of leaves, and no tomatoes. I’ve grown them before, but minimal success. So this is like Christmas to me. 🙂 Even if it’s more organized. 🙂 But I don’t really have a lot of room either, so I have to make it all work for me in limited space. 🙂 I tossed out bell pepper seeds and tomato seeds, but I think I’ve already pulled them, thinking they were grass. lol So I have to be more organized!

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