Teddy Bear Room AKA The Doggy Corral

all doggies 001 (1280x745)all doggies 004 (1280x853)I never thought the Teddy Bear Room would turn into the Doggy Corral. But it really worked while my son unpacked his car. One place for all the dogs. No escaping the house. Perfect.

I had doors like that at the other house, and it really helps to keep everyone in one place.  All the dogs get along fine. I’m getting potty breaks down to a science. The three small ones and one corgi on leash go out at a time. And then the last corgi with any of the little dogs that haven’t done all their business.

I was taking two dogs out on a leash at a time. But the 2 corgis got into a fight with each other over the neighbor’s dog being out on the other side of the fence. And I had a terrible time trying to break them up, so I figured, one corgi at a time. More manageable. My dogs ignore the other dog. And Mishka did too. 🙂

Okay, off to take the corgis out next. Trying not to disturb my son’s sleep this morning, though I warned him, I might not be successful. 🙂


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