Happy 4th!!!

4th of July 004 (853x1280) wolf fireworks (640)Have a great 4th! Do you know what tomorrow is? Release day for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing!!!

It’s beastly hot here. We were going to take a walk to the dog park, but at 6 am, it was like a sauna. Yesterday, it wasn’t as hot, drier, and a stiff breeze made it wonderful.

20160703_092904 (1280x1206)Dachshunds and beagles in the large dog park, and Havanese and Shih Tzu/Poodle in the small dark park.  The other dogs were barking before we even got there. But Max decided to bark like nuts on and off at the other dogs. Tanner was into exploring. Mishka was quiet.

20160703_093143 (720x1280)Max, Tanner, and Mishka all lined up in a row, trying to cool down. Shaded, so it wasn’t bad. The Havanese are Cuban breed of dog, so are supposed to be good for the heat.

20160703_093330 (720x1280)Then Tanner discovered the water, and he was so funny as he was trying to figure it out, and then had the brilliant idea of actually lying down in it to get cool.

20160703_093423 (720x1280)He tried to run in it and realized you can run fast in water.

20160703_093426 (720x1280) 20160703_093339 (720x1280) 20160703_093344 (720x1280)Tanner being Tanner!

Have a great one!


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