Next Year Will Be a Decade!

Next year, I’ll have been with my publisher for 10 years. I’m one of the first who signed with Sourcebooks. And they’re going to redo two of my covers.

White Wolf and Heart of the Wolf giveaways 002 (1280x853).jpg glitter and suns raysHeart of the Wolf was my first book with them and it made Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year for a mass marketed book. Only 5 make it a year, and they’d never had a book make that, nor have they since. I thought everyone who was published, who was really big time, made that. What did I know. I was a total newbie. So I mentioned it on a published author loop and people were asking me how I got that. lol  So in celebration, they’re supposed to be redoing the cover of Heart of the Wolf and I need to add something to it. They’re also going to do a special new cover for Legend of the White Wolf, my 3rd book in the series, because I’ll be doing a white wolf series within the series and they want them more uniform.

They were brand new at the business of romance at the time, so they didn’t quite have the feel for what a winning cover should look like. But now they make the most beautiful covers, so I’m excited. Heart of the Wolf has a beautiful wolf, but I never liked the gray headless torso. And Legend of the White Wolf is more of an illustration, and doesn’t fit with the rest of the series.

I made USA Today Bestseller for my ninth release, A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing. And I just made Romantic Times Top Pick for Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, along with two big hitters, Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon. That is a huge deal. Especially for me. So super excited! 🙂 <3

But now I’m pulling my head back out of the clouds…

clouds sunrise before Dallas (1280x853) rays overlayand getting back to the book. Because none of this happens unless I’m writing away.

It’s sooooo hot here, but I’m glad to have the puppies to cuddle again. 🙂

puppies playing 027 (1280x1035)Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. That was the first book of yours that I read. I absolutely fell in love not only with the characters but your writing style. That is why I have continued to buy and read each and every one on your books from the wolves, the jaguars, the Cougars and your highlanders too.

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