Bad Squirrel

bad squirrel (771x800)He’s a bad squirrel because I say so. He’s tipped over the seed tray, which means my puppies will eat the seeds and then Tanner will get me up all night to let him out because seeds are not digestible.

But really, is the squirrel being bad? Or just being a squirrel? The latter of course. And that’s what happens with perceptions.

Gulf fritillary butterfly on kaleidoscope wings spread behind flower1 (792x800)Beautiful Gulf fritillary butterfly on the kaleidoscope butterfly bush playing peek-a-boo. The butterfly is a good guy. He’s colorful and adds beauty to the landscape. But how did he come to be a butterfly? He was a voracious, plant-eater! So in one form, sweet and beautiful and innocent. And in another–just as bad as the squirrel. Perceptions. Yet he is just being a caterpillar/butterfly.

Ruby Throated hummingbird text 648x528And then there is the ruby-throated hummingbird! Beautiful. Here he was feeding off the pentas flowers. But I will say that he’s very territorial. He chased off another hummingbird and he dive bombs me sometimes. lol But I can handle it. They’re beautiful! So see? Even if there’s a negative, I still see them as akin to fairies in the garden. Perceptions.

Have a great day and hope you don’t have any naughty squirrels in your life!


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