You’re Never Too Old…

…to learn new things. It may seem like it sometimes, but no matter how old, or young you are, learning something new can seem impossible, or possible. We just have to keep working at it, never letting go of the dream.

So one of the things I really have always wanted to do is create real story art, and so while I was looking at the Pretty Actions Forum and some of their fantastic guest bloggers, is Karen Alsop’s Story Art.

Photographer Spotlight + Celebrity Mentor: Karen Alsop with Story Art

I mean, this to me would be the ultimate in creating art, don’t you think? Love it! Well, maybe someday I can get there. I signed up for her year long tutorials and maybe if I work at it hard enough, but even so, sometimes no matter how hard you work at something, it’s never as great as someone else’s work, but you know what? We all have our own “voice” or unique technique whether it’s writing, or creating art, photography, or just living life. We are unique and everything will be unique that we accomplish. Really.

Have you ever had someone in your home doing things differently than you’re used to? Or riding with someone in the car and they take you a different route than YOU always go and it’s driving you nuts, because you know your way is better?


So that’s my goal. Or, at least one of them. lol I’m still taking the Photoshop tutorial class that has taught me tons, watched lots of free tutorials, and just turned in the synopsis and stuff for SEAL Wolf Undercover so they can begin to work on the cover, and have edits on Between a Wolf and a Hard Place, and am still plugging along on White Wolf Christmas. 28,000 words to go! Downhill slide from here! And I have a crepe myrtle I still have to plant! The mosquitoes are keeping me from it.

3 pelicans soaring up above text 900x4003 pelicans soaring up above--sky 900x600I used the Pretty Actions Vivid Skies Overlay on this one too. I was trying to get pictures of the pelicans in the harbor, but when we went out to the ocean side, I had tons of opportunities. Don’t they look like ancient birds?

Have a super great day! I need to get my word count and start edits! 🙂


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