Sold! Three of My Small Mohair Bears for Christmas!

Champagne mohair bear (481x640)

Mohair brown tipped bear 005 (427x640)

Tanner, junior (640x587)

But before we get to Christmas, it will be time for Halloween!

ghost with candy corn 011 vignette text (900x600)And then the snows come.

Well, maybe not HERE.puppies and snow text (640x427)

puppies and snow 900x600 with snowflakes added misty blue and purple frostpuppies and snow 900x600 with snowflakes added winter brightThe one is colder with blues and purples, and the other is warmer. 🙂 It would be fun to add some snow to your Christmas cards if you don’t have any snow on hand for the photos!  This was last January or February in Central Texas.

I added snowflake overlay here from Pretty Photoshop Actions. But you can “see” that it’s snowing in the photo above because Tanner’s black coat has snowflakes on it. But you just couldn’t see the snow coming down.

Sabine, Arctic Wolf (640x427)So I’m writing about snow and Arctic wolves, and this is a perfect way to get the feel for it.

Sabine, Arctic Wolf snowstorm warm text(640x427)Sabine, Arctic Wolf snow warm (640x427)I played around with a warmer and colder feel to it. Note that if you use a smaller picture, the snowflakes are bigger, bigger picture, the snowflakes are smaller.

And that’s it! I’m still on track with White Wolf Christmas, and the jaguars do get involved. I have 2 more bears I need to make, and these will be in the mail shortly. And I still need to do edits on Wolf and a Hard Place….

So are you ready for fall???

Have a great one!


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