Messing Around with Macro

macro-garlic-grass-seedsThis is a little seed pod on thin strands of garlic chives. I found some tips on working with macro, so played around with it a bit.

jennifer-week-12-and-macro-900-009Close up of sparkly fall decorations with overhead light on.

macro-coneflower-900-001Macro coneflower.

macro-coneflower-900-003Macro coneflower emphasis on yellow buds on this one.  I still want the center buds. I have to hand hold the camera to get this close though and for the best shots for macro, you’re supposed to put it on a tripod.

Getting Started Guide to Macro or Close-Up Photography

So I’m rethinking Double Cougar Trouble and put it on hold because I want to get it right and not have to rewrite major portions of it because I changed my mind. And I just got edits on SEAL Wolf Undercover, so need to begin work on that. And I shipped off the last bear order, which I finished up yesterday. And I finished up two more bears to display for Halloween.

So it’s back to the books for me. 🙂

Have a great day!!

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