Macro Photography with a Phone–Sleepy Bumblebees

Do you ever challenge yourself to do something? To do more? To do better?

I’m on several photography FB pages and so this week, one of the challenges was to use a cell phone to take a macro picture. I tried several things, but the lighting in the house is awful. It was still dark out, but when it got a little lighter, I took the puppies out and started taking pictures of anything, UNTIL I saw a cold, wet bumblebee clinging to a butterfly flower. And that was it. Now, don’t worry, the bumblebee will be off moving about in a little bit, but despite the wind moving the flowers about, I was able to get a couple of good shots. And then I found another on yet another bunch of flowers.


Different bumblebee

sleeping-bumblebee-on-flowers-900Okay, so now my challenge is to get busy on writing Loving the White Bear. It’s a cooler day, yay! So I should be able to write about snow and polar bears, right??? I’ve got a start! 2,000 words!

Challenge yourself!

Have a super great day!

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