Time to Vote

walk-to-vote-curved-path-900-001I had decided to walk to the polling station first thing this morning. I walked to my mailbox and realized I had forgotten my phone. I don’t always think of it. It isn’t an appendage to me like it is for some. But if I go walking, I want it in case I need it for an emergency. The first time I walked through these sprawling neighborhoods, I was brand new and got lost right away. lol

So having a GPS really helped. So I returned and grabbed the phone and headed out. Totally confused the puppies.

walk-to-vote-pine-needles-dripping-water-900-003A light mist cloaked the whole area. I’d brought my raincoat and several had umbrellas just in case.

walk-to-vote-wet-berries-900-010We waited for maybe an hour to vote, but I was lucky. The line for A-L was much longer than for M-Z. And you have to know that was nice for a change–being a W before I was married, and an S after that, I’ve always been at the back of the line, last to be called. When I’m at the back of the group on book signings, I often wonder if I should have created a pen name. A. Just A. Then I’d be in front for once in my life. 🙂 Every once in a while, we’d line up in reverse order, but that happened so infrequently, that I can only recall maybe two times that it happened in my life.

And then it was done and I was off to walk back home, taking pictures along the way, capturing the winding, mysterious path, right when an older gentleman stopped to talk to me. He was from South Africa, not voting, but visiting his sister. I always say hi to joggers and dog walkers in the morning. Because of the hour, I was nearly run over by kids riding bicycles or not sure what they’re called boards on speed.

And then I tried capturing the misty water droplets on pine needles and berries.

walk-to-vote-mushrooms-900-008And fairy mushrooms in the wet grass.

I had to ship off a bear and a book after that, so now I’m home, FINALLY posting my blog.

And now I have to write.

Have a wonderful day!!

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