Pretty Little House Finches

900-house-finch-on-chain-big-lens-037house-finch-900-big-lens-038house-finch-on-chain-900-big-lens-035house-finch-on-the-move-900-big-lens-004No Internet this morning, so playing catch up. The puppies are getting groomed today at the groomers for the baby shower on Saturday. I usually groom them myself, but I like to take them in three times a year at least so they can get their nails clipped. I clip them when I can.

And I need to get the fruit platter for the party. In the meantime, I finished the baby’s bear. Pictures tomorrow.

Have a great one. I’m late! I’m late! I’m late! It is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after all. So it seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

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