Full Moon & Solar Garden Light

moon-0900-16I still want to take better pictures of the moon, but this was as good as I got last night.bird-solar-ball-900-004I accidentally used a flash on the first picture, but I hadn’t seen the crystal ball glowing, and so when I was out looking for the full moon last night, I saw the glowing solar garden ball, no moon. Not at first.

glowing-crystal-ball-900-013Without the flash, the glowing ball colors the fence and trees with blue light.

max-and-tanner-bath-tongues-out-900-004And the puppies were groomed for the party tomorrow, but now it’s pouring rain out and will be through Monday. Which means their fluffed out hair is now in curls again. 🙂  But at least they’re clean and their faces are trimmed.

baby-bear-for-party-900-010I also finished up the teddy bear for baby. She’s wearing my daughter’s Mad Hatter hat.

I’m off to work on Flight of the White Wolf! I’m behind on word count, but hope to catch up on Sunday.

Have a super day. I’m glad for the rain. We really needed it.

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