I Said No!

I agreed to give an author a quote who asked me a while back, despite all the deadlines I’m still on. But I look forward to reading her book at the end of the month. It sounds like a lot of fun.

But I said No! to a boxset that an author approached me on because I just can’t keep saying yes. To everything. 🙂  Plus, it’s really important if I’m going to do it, if it’s the same genre. I don’t think any of them write paranormal. Some readers love to read everything. Raising hand here. But some have specific genres they love. So it’s better to be in a specific genre.

I was in one once where we had a futuristic story, and some paranormal readers felt gypped. There were 21 stories in the boxset for only 99 cents! Just one was futuristic. lol


Is that me, or is someone else looking back at me?–Male cardinal pondering his shadow.

I didn’t meet my word count goal yesterday. 🙁 I had lunch with the author who needs a quote and had to pick up more goody bags and stuff for the reader’s convention, then got home and did 1200 words, but needed 2,000. *sigh*

Still puppy sitting, so it’s been trips outside a million times, and hard to concentrate. Just as I get in the zone, I have to stop for more puppy stuff.

Off to the novella! Only 5800 words to go! Must wrap this puppy up!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Terry Spear

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4 thoughts on “I Said No!

  1. By the way, I will be attending Coastal Magic next week. So looking forward to it.

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    • Oh, yay, Linda!! Can’t wait to see you. I’ll be giving little polar bears away at the paranormal author game thingy in honor of Loving the White Bear’s release. 🙂

  2. Have FUN !.
    🙁 no polar bear 🙁
    I don’t like to buy boxes series… learned many years ago about that. yes they maybe a good deal less $$$. but prefer to make my own choices. I seldom buy Anthologies for the same reason, some may be the same genre… some writers narration style doesn’t appeal to me.
    Have a Great Sunday Terry and fans
    Seen Snow flakes coming down ! I’m tired of this winter …

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