I was trying to capture the female cardinal, showing off the other cardinals too. Do you see the red blur in the back? The cardinals were all over the branches. But the female was partially hidden in the branches too. Which proves my point. They were all in the branches, their “hiding” place.

But this is also cluttered because of the branches and headless bird and bottomless female. lol


Better. uncluttered. Whole bird. Watching me.

Life can get cluttered too. Do you ever find you’re doing way too much and you need to simplify things?

Writing can get that way too. Too much stuff. Trim it down.

The puppies can get that way. They don’t shed, so I need to unclutter their fur. Brush them to remove the mats so that they’re all pretty again.

Clutter. It isn’t pretty. It’s time to go.

So I was putting out the trash this morning, and I saw grass in my flower beds. Oh, no! So I started pulling it and then I think I pulled something that might be an emerging flower. Oops.

Remember to remove only what needs to be removed and not the stuff you need. 🙂

Have a clutter-free day!!

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