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Romance writer Candice Mayfair’s life changes forever when a werewolf pup bites her and turns her into an Arctic wolf shifter. As everyone knows, a newly turned wolf shifter has all kinds of issues―and for Candice it’s even worse―not being able to control her shifting is messing with her deadlines. Now it’s nearly Christmas and Owen Nottingham is searching for the woman one of his pint-sized pack members accidentally turned. He’s on a mission to convince the she-wolf to join his pack…and be his mate.

Coming in October!


When I was preparing to take this shot, mindful that birds have a habit of moving, I thought the blurred fame of the windows on the house on the block way behind my backyard and the side yard of my neighbor’s and across the street from them was really interesting. I could have changed the setting to make it even more blurred, but I really loved the way the house framed the bird and the windows were featured in an artistic way.

Okay, so I spent the day brainstorming Flight of the White Wolf and made a little progress on it. A 1,000 words, I think. The new prologue will change things a bit, and so I’ve got to go through and change it from he’s never met her in ch 1, to he’s met her in the prologue and it wasn’t a really good meeting. Which changes the dynamics completely, in a fun way. I had to add some conflict between them.

I also sent Loving the White Bear in for final proof after finishing minor edits, and it came back with cover text was in the margins, when they didn’t have any trouble with it before. So it’s back to review again.

I’m off to type up notes and hopefully get some word count in today. I am so far behind on it, that I’m going to have to revise my word count goals. 🙁

Have a super great day!!!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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