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Mourning Dove in the Fairy Garden

Okay, so say the experts that you should use the Rule of Thirds for cropping, for the most part. So I thought that meant your subject should be in one of the boxes that bordered the photo. One site said the important object should be in the cross hairs. Now, another had said the eyes in a portrait should be above the middle line, if it’s a centered portrait, so maybe it doesn’t have to be in the cross hairs. What do I know?

In the first photo, the dove is in the left box of the Rules of Thirds. The second, it’s on the cross hairs. Which seems like a better crop to you?

Cropping photos is like cropping stories. Getting the meat of the story/picture out there. Sharing what’s relevant and beautiful, not convoluted and boring.

I used to write in a diary–but so much of life needs to be cropped out. 🙂 It’s boring, dull, just the same-oh, same oh… When I tossed my diaries, I tossed a lot of interesting bits of life too. Stuff I couldn’t remember if I wanted to.

I remember listening to an author talk about how he journaled and how seeing something happen, capturing it in words right then and there was important because a year down the road, two years, ten years, the details were gone. Vaporized. The general gist of it he could remember, sure. But the details are what make the scene vivid. Real. Because it was real.

Do you ever listen to someone telling a story, and you so want them to get to the point??? To cut out all the extraneous details?

To crop or not to crop…or where to crop…that is the question!

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Have a great one!

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