I Am in Charge…


I’m trying to do my taxes, make bears, and write a book. Which means, the taxes are a necessary evil, and if I were in charge, I wouldn’t be doing them.

Making bears, yes, they’re fun. Writing the book, it’s on deadline, so again, I’m not in charge. The deadline is. Not to mention my characters are presenting scenes to me while I’m trying to do other things…like sleep…and so guess who else is in charge???

Minky Bear is a faux mink bear. The one with the suede paws is a little easier to see, and Ivory is a champagne mohair bear.

Then the puppies. Aww, my adorable puppies. I’m supposed to be the alpha, but until I feed them this morning, they will keep hounding me, which means I finally gave in, so, you can see who is in charge.

I am over halfway done on Flight of the White Wolf, yay! And I sewed up a lilac bear for a Mother’s Day bear, which is just the beginning, and finished a golden mohair last night. But it is pouring this morning and still too dark to take a decent outdoor picture.

Off to the book! It’s pouring, the temperature dropped from when I first got up at 5 am, but the thunder seems to have moved off. Uhm, as the sky lightens up with lightning and it immediately thunders after that, my mistake.

Have a wonderful day. I love rain. So it’s a great vampire day. Even if I’m writing about Arctic wolves.

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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4 thoughts on “I Am in Charge…

  1. Have a wonderful day !
    It may rain here too after several glorious days ! that were heavenly !
    we have 6 sunny days in January .
    love the new Bears.
    I hope 2017 will be adoption year…
    oh me oh my what it will be?
    A highlander of course but which Clan?
    take care

  2. The dogs are always in charge. At least it is usually fairly simple, either “I’m hungry, feed me” or I’m bored and I want your attention”. But they are so worth it!

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