White Winged Dove…


Does that make you think of a song? If so, is it now stuck in your head??? lol

Isn’t the dove beautiful? She/he was close to the window. Watching me. They can be very docile, but my puppies caught one once, didn’t hurt it, but I had to yell a lot to get them to let go of the dove. Then I put her out front where she could recover from the shock, and she flew away later. I have to make my puppies sit before they leave the house, I chase the doves off, and then let the puppies out the door. They are so incredibly fast, they can catch birds. Once, they got a sparrow, but I was able to get it away from my fastest dog, and put her out front to recover. They play dead and then they fly off. Still, I don’t feed the birds so they’re playthings for the puppies. It’s a natural instinct for them to hunt, so they’re doing what dogs do. I have to remind myself.

But I’m trying to train them not to chase off the birds that are brave enough to sit on the fence. Tanner gets too much joy from seeing them fly away. Monster. 🙂 <3

Off to write. Only 20,000 words to go, bear to make, taxes to do, book to read, and seeds to plant (butterfly bushes and coneflowers). Oh, and a bunch of the seeds I  planted are actually coming up: salvia, zinnia, coneflower. Can’t wait to see if they make it! I’ve never had luck with flower seeds before. In the meantime, I’m taking pictures of weed flowers. 🙂


Hopefully, more pictures of flowers soon!

Have a flower-filled day!

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