Oh, No! Company!


Are you a neatnik that has a uber-cleaned home all the time?

I try to keep my house picked up, but when I’m working on bears, have another order to do, I have fur out, cutting board, and all the stuff that goes into making the bear out, it gets messy. Yes, I have a sewing room. But it’s for sewing on the machine and storage for the fur and bows and bear-making stuff. It’s not big enough or comfortable enough to make the bears.

Does all that junk from the mail, even if it’s not junk, pile up? Dust bunnies taking over? Your house begins to look like the set of a haunted house series because everything needs to be dusted again, even if you did the dusting just a few days ago?

If you have company, do you make it look more “friendly”? Or do you figure it’s a lived in home, so there. lol

Well, I like my home to look welcoming, not junky. So my daughter and I walked from her home to mine so I could feed the puppies and water the flowers, and then we walked the baby back to her house. I wasn’t expecting company. 🙂 And as we were walking to my house in the beginning I was thinking–how bad does my house look? Well, not too bad, but it could have used some work.

Do you have a lot of stuff out that doesn’t need to be out? I find that to be the case here. I use something, and it stays out. Because, hey, I might need to use it again! Soon. A couple of weeks go by and it’s still sitting out. 🙂 And I haven’t used it again.

So I put everything away, vacuumed, need to plant some more plants, and dusted. It won’t last long. By tomorrow, the puppies will have dragged in enough grass and pine needles to warrant another vacuuming. They don’t shed fur, just grass and pine needles.

And the dust bunnies? I swear they crawl out of the woodwork and then breed like…bunnies.

But at least for today, the house is clean.

Have a perfectly uncluttered day!


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2 thoughts on “Oh, No! Company!

  1. Have a great day !
    one thing is having your house clean and presentable
    another ” TO BE OCD” Because you are having company …
    are they coming to visit YOU !
    are they ” the Cleaning police?”

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