Storms are on the way…

blanket flower, all stages 900 008

Here is the blanket flower in all its pretty stages. After planting and just a few days later, it’s covered in tons of buds. 🙂

Don’t you love it when a plant “performs”?  I plant so many plants that do and so many that struggle. The strugglers aren’t welcome in the garden again. I want EASY MAINTENANCE. I have too much other stuff to do. So plant the plants, water them when necessary, and let them do their own thing. AND enjoy.  🙂 Oh, and I have to remind myself that some of the plants that didn’t do anything last year, daylilies that didn’t bloom, marigolds that died, salvia that barely could hold on, have all come into their own. Only one of the coneflowers came back this year, but it’s lovely. The marigolds reseeded themselves, the salvia are just beautiful, full of flowers and the daylilies too.

During the week, I’ve been helping out with grandbaby, which puts me behind on writing. We started walking her from my daughter’s house to my house so I can take my puppies out after lunch, feed them, feed the baby, and walk back. But baby has been so fussy that I end up walking her a lot in the house too, just to get her settled. Yesterday, I managed over five miles. 🙂 Who would have thunk it?

But it put me behind on writing. More so than before. *sigh*

The good thing is, I WILL finish the book. It’s due July 1st, so it’s not that I’m late or anything. I just wanted to set my goals so that I’d have time to write other books too this year. Billionaire Wolf needs to be written too. And the other books are on my own schedule.

Okay, I’m off to try and plant the butterfly bushes before it storms. I think it’s light enough out now.

Have a happy low maintenance day!


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