I Planned to do What???


But other things are filling up my day, so I’m still going to write, but I still have to do all these other things!

Not these things, though I have to take a break, right? The one of the cougar I took as he was walking toward me at the Cameron Park Zoo. I was glad there was glass between us. 🙂

I have to take Tanner in for shots, *sad face*, and after I drop Tanner off at home, I need to ship off books, book marks, some for men and women in uniform Overseas, and a bear for a literacy fundraiser.

Storm clouds are building. It’s mucho hot out already at 7:30 a.m.

When I get home for a second time, I have an interview with a representative of Monmouth University where I earned my MBA.

And then? I HAVE to write. I’m a 1,000 words behind from working on proofing Falcon Fae, so need 3,000 today.

Then my daughter said her friend has a newborn and asked if  I’d take newborn photos. At my house. That meant I had to stop writing last night and clean house. It’s not that bad, but I get behind on dusting and vacuuming.

Soooo, picture taking is later this afternoon.

When I made up my word count goal, I had nothing planned at all. 🙂

But, I’m determined to do it all.

Tomorrow, I take care of baby…so I’ve given myself two days off a week from word count goal–the two days I have her. Then it’s photo days, or teaching and playing days. Cuddling days. I still plan to write some after her momma picks her up though.

So I’m off to finish getting ready to take Tanner in to the vet. It’s already been a whirlwind morning, and now, it just continues–only I’m going to be running out in stormy weather. Hmmm, I might have to ship all that stuff on another day.

It’s pouring! Thundering like crazy.  We needed rain, but….

Have a wonderful day!!!


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2 thoughts on “I Planned to do What???

  1. Good morning my multitasking friend ! Have a Great day !
    Great photos !
    have fun with your little Fairy they grown up to fast !
    sorry I haven’t comment in your emails in the last 10 days… haven’t have Internet until last night
    I don’t do email on my phone.

    • I make so many mistakes when I type on my phone, so don’t blame you. Ugh, on no Internet, I missed you!!! Yes, I enjoy every moment with her. 🙂

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