Newborn Photo Shoots are…

Work. I knew it would be, but I was happy to do it.

This is my granddaughter, but since I was at her house all the time to help out, it was easier when she was a newborn.  I took these of her before and after the shoot since I was set up, before and after the grandma, momma, and newborn were here.

This baby wouldn’t sleep. I think she did for like two minutes, and then as soon as we tried to get her into a cute pose, that was it. She was fed, diaper changed, white noise, patting and massages, the room was warm, but….sleeping wasn’t going to happen.

But even so, we got some cute pictures. And then my daughter told me that another friend of hers is having a baby. They’ve tried for years and years. So….I’m on the schedule in about 10 months or so.

Did I get my writing done yesterday? Nope. Today is baby day….so, I’ll have to catch up tomorrow!

It’s been  raining again. Love it.

Have a fun day!


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  1. I truly find you amazing! You are always busy with something! Do you have down time? Would you know what to do with it if you had it? lol I love that you share ALL your talents with us and now you are sharing your children and your lovely granddaughter with us too. I love all the pictures!

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