Hummingbird–like a Fairy Bird


They’re like little fairies, so small, so busy, and so territorial!

In the clearest shot, I was able to rest my camera on my printer to get a more stable shot. I did it when he had his back turned to me.

The others were handheld because he could see me when I got close to the window and when I tried to move to the printer to use it as a makeshift tripod, he flew off. In the last, he was resting on the dead part of my neighbor’s tree. It was raining that day and at one point he was shaking out his feathers to get rid of the raindrops.

I finished proofing Heart of the Wolf and sent it back to the editor. The re-release will be out in January. It includes Night of the Wolf, a new novella.Heart of the Wolf

I’m now working on Billionaire Wolf Christmas again. I’m behind. *sigh* But I hadn’t expected to get the edits on Heart of the Wolf, so that put me another day behind.

If I were as fast as the hummingbird, I would whip all those words into order. But writing doesn’t work like that. 🙂

Have a super great day!!!


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