Meerkat, African Wild Dog, Yellow Nest Weaver…

What do they have in common? I took the pictures. lol

And they were all at Animal Kingdom. 🙂

Usually meerkats are curious and protective and will turn to face you. At least all the places I’ve ever seen them. But here, she just posed most elegantly in the shadows of her home–with her back to me. Loved the home they had for them. The African wild dog would not position himself so I could get a better shot of something more than his ears. 🙂 This was on the bus ride, so I couldn’t move around to get a better picture.

And the yellow nest weavers were really, really busy. I was having a hard time getting a clear shot of what they looked like. I’d never seen them before. On the picture with the nests, there’s one working on a nest at the bottom of it.

Okay, have baby again today, so trying to get my blog done and some writing done. I did catch up on 2400 words yesterday, and am still 600 short, with another 2,000 to do today. BUT, even though I just turned in Heart of the Wolf edits, I received Flight of the Wolf edits last night. Soooo, I will be behind again. I have another book that should be coming back for first line edits soon–All’s Fair in Love and Wolf.

In the meantime, my publisher is making up a glossy brochure of my books to take to the book fair in Germany in October! Oktoberfest! Yay!! It doesn’t mean they’ll sell to foreign rights, but wouldn’t it be fun if they did???

Okay, off to write before the baby comes. 🙂


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