Sunrise, Sunset

I was up super early yesterday, well, often am, but when I took the dogs out back, I noticed the sunrise out front, dashed into the house quick as a bunny, grabbed my camera, and ran outside. Beautiful.

That night, I was getting the puppies ready for bed and saw the beautiful sunset. Worthy of a shot. Or two.

I’m behind on my writing…uhm, so what’s new. I think I need to go to a beach resort, rent a cabana, and just write on the deck. Yep. I’m sure the words would just flow from my fingertips. IF, I didn’t have to stop and take pictures of the seabirds, sunsets, sunrises, ocean, sand, crabs, more birds….and all!!!

Newborn shoot, and babysitting my granddaughter yesterday. 🙂 The newborn would not sleep, but she was as cute as could be.

Okay, off to write!!! No beach. *sigh*


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2 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. What a cutie. We babysat our granddaughter from 6 weeks every Thurs. Now she is 5, In Sept. she will go to school all day. I guess we will just have her on the days she does not have school. Enjoy they grow up to fast. Our other two grandchildren are now 20. So she was out blessing.

    • Aww, how wonderful!!! I have her two days a week, and on the weekends when Mom and Dad need to do something. I love her. She’s so sweet. When she goes to school, I’ll probably be taking her and picking her up until her momma gets off work, so that will be fun too. 🙂 I bet your little one was a blessing too! 🙂

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