The Hurrieder I Go…

…the behinder I get.

Well, not really. My problem is my days are filled with too much stuff. I decided I HAD to remove all the grass and weeds from my flowerbeds before Monday’s garbage. I’ve worked on it several days, and finally finished last night. Well, almost. Mostly. One flowerbed still has some work it needs. There are low-to-the-ground weeds that wouldn’t budge, so I need to either water them or get a small hand rake to dig at them. I dug up all the grass and the tall weeds.

And then I noticed, after I removed so many weeds, weed trees that were sprouting up, grass from the flowerbeds, omigosh, there are really flowers there. 🙂 So naturally, before the light was gone completely, I HAD to take pictures of them.

And I had a luncheon with ladies yesterday, and so that was about 4 hours out of my day. And I took a walk that morning and took pictures.

I took these with my phone, sunrise yesterday morning.

So I’m back to the book. I wrote 2,000 yesterday. So it’s not that I haven’t been writing. I just needed 4,000. lol  Which means, I need 4,000 today. *sigh*

Okay, have a great one!!! I have to write faster. 🙂 …or quit filling my days with everything else too!


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2 thoughts on “The Hurrieder I Go…

  1. Lol. One of my young grand daughters fell and skinned her knee. She was trying so hard not to cry. Her older sister tried to comfort her and offered to blow on to make it quit hurting. After a few puffs, she asked her if it felt better. The little one said no, it was worser. The older one said there is no such word. Little one replied, “but it is really worser”. So now in my family worser is an acceptable word.

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