Preparing for Hurricane Harvey

My SIL is at home doing his work from home. My daughter is at my place with baby, doing her work from her phone. So far we have a light rain is all.

The grocery store and walmart were packed, water gone, flashlights, bigger batteries, all gone. Traffic jams and accidents for those evacuating.

When I went to the grocery store, I saw a rainbow cutting across the the clouds.

So far, we’ve just had a bit of rain, but we have storm warnings all over the place. We took the baby for a stroller power walk before it started to pour.

Just put my recycle bin out to catch rainwater in case I need it. Filled the bathtub with water, and all the containers I could..just in case. Candles, matches, lighter, flashlights, lantern. Froze water bottles and have put ice cubes into the freezer.

Off to do some more stuff.

Stay safe!!




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