Beautiful, Beautiful Butterfly

OMG, I have Monarch butterflies!!!!!!

They say they can only feed off milkweed, so I put in a whole bunch this year. Last year aphids killed mine off. But this year when the aphids attacked them, I left them alone and other predatory bugs ate the aphids. So now I noticed some spider mites, I think, are killing off some of the milkweed. Ugh.

And for the last two days, I’ve seen these butterflies, and attempted to get some pictures of them. So I thought it was the fritillary that I usually have. And when I looked it up to verify that’s what it was, it wasn’t. I COULDN’T believe it was a monarch! And it was. Woohoo! They are on the decline, so I hope maybe in my little backyard, I can help out a few. They’re beautiful.

The first two with the fence behind it are in my yard. The second two, I took pictures of in Minnesota at a cute garden place.

This is the gulf fritillary that I thought it was. Silly me.

I also had a yellow swallowtail and a black swallowtail.

They’re all so beautiful, but I’m super ecstatic about seeing the monarchs!

Okay, excitement over. Back to the book!

Have a beautiful butterfly day.


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