Sunset by Phone

Wouldn’t you know I’d be at a store when I saw the most beautiful sunset. I had to stop and take a picture of it in the parking lot. My daughter I’m sure thinks I’m crazy as I snapped pictures of the sunset on the drive home through dirty car windows, but it was just too beautiful. She’ll be glad I didn’t include the ones I captured with her nose in them.

In the one shot, I caught the sun setting and a hint of the moon. 🙂 <3

So I received requests for promo blogs and excerpts for Dreaming of the White Wolf, and sent half of them. Still need to write two more, and then on top of that, I received first edits on All’s Fair in Love in War (formerly: The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf, Silver Town Wolves).

I’d caught up on Billionaire Wolf Christmas, so you know where this leaves me, right????

Okay, off to get to work, first on Billionaire. Going to try to get my 2,000 in so I don’t get behind and maybe the last two promo blogs.

Have a great one, and enjoy the sunset!


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4 thoughts on “Sunset by Phone

  1. Ha, nose in the pic reminds me I was driving by your old house one day and noticed the new owners had stuck a window A/C unit right in the front. I decided it was worth a pic to send to you so I slowed and snapped one with my own ugly mug showing in the car mirror. Decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to get another. I crack myself up LOL

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