Super Dogs Ready to Save the World

Halloween dogs 900 castle 041

I took the picture of both the castle steps and the dogs, but not on the castle steps. 🙂

Super Dog, Wonder Dog, a Navigator, and a Pirate, they’re gathered at the castle for the big mission.  Drums are beating. Horns are blaring. It’s nearly time. And they’re ready.

I have to tell you my daughter and I had quite a time getting them all to stay put. 🙂 <3 And Sir Rilo, top dog, though he’s a beta, is up on top, which made it perfect. Wonder Dog, the real alpha of all of them, was keeping my two in line. They were only a year old at the time. Max and Tanner had to sit together. And here, they’re wondering about the mission.

And that’s the story. I hope their mission goes well.

I hope your day does too!


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