Blue Blue Dragonfly

And the crescent moon and the North Star.

I saw the blue dasher dragonfly flutter off when my dogs ran too close to him, and he was such a pretty blue, I had to put the dogs in the house and try to capture him. He’s a juvenile.

Most dragonflies will fly off, return to their spot or another as I approach with camera in hand. He didn’t.

I think he was playing the game of “I’m not really here. You don’t really see me.” And so I took a picture from faraway, and kept moving forward snapping shots in case he flew off until I was as close as I could get. He had his head turned to watch me, and I thought it was the coolest picture ever.

Have to take Max to the vet this morning, otherwise, I’m playing catch up on Billionaire, both because I was working on edits on Flight for a few days, and because I had….usually I refuse, refuse, refuse to say it: Writer’s Block.

I was 8,000 words behind (4 days’ worth), and I wrote 6,000 words yesterday. I was on a roll, finally, BUT, some of the stuff I’d written earlier, after the new stuff I added yesterday, will have to be changed, some deleted. Now, it’s a mind game. Write 4,000 words today to catch up to where I should be on my word count, and then try to write more, so I can delete what I need to, and voila, I won’t be behind. 🙂 I was nearly at 26K yesterday, and started deleting and I was like NO!….So then I wrote again until I had the 26K. It really is a mind game. But at least the new stuff I wrote works. 🙂 And the old stuff that doesn’t work will have to go. The end game is making the story the best it can be so readers will want to keep reading.

Some of the later scenes are great, so I want to leave them and expand them, but some are repetitive, and so they’ll have to go. *sigh*  I’m 32% done! (If I ignore the part about how I need to delete some paragraphs. 🙂 <3

Hope you have a great day!! And that I get my word count!


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