Bee’s Knees

Flapper Era talk–maybe meaning “height of excellence”, but WAY before that: small and insignificant. Though some say Bee’s Knees was a corruption of business.

Also, you might have heard of: Cat’s Whiskers, Cat’s Pajamas, also during that time period.

And the ones that didn’t last: Elephant’s Instep, Eel’s Ankle, Snake’s Hip

So there you have it. The Bee’s Knees. The REAL bee’s knees. In the pictures. 🙂 <3

Have a fun and educational day.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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2 thoughts on “Bee’s Knees

    • I had a lot of honeybees on the tall slender shrubs that have really tiny flowers in the spring. The bumblebees come later and right now they’re much more active. Love to see them too.

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