I’m Not an Artist

My parents were both artists. They  had their own styles, and they were good. They won a contest their first year of marriage for artwork they had  done.

Kids draw. I drew. I was told I was not an artist. I would never be an artist.


Don’t tell kids that. They might not be able to sing (me either), or draw more than stick figures (I liked to draw trees), but if I’d continued to practice (for years and years and years), MAYBE I could have learned to draw. Or not.

There is something to be said about talent. And some have a natural talent for some things, and others don’t. I had a friend who drew horses. She drew movement. Just from memory. And she didn’t own horses. She was an incredibly gifted artist, and this was from when she was young! I had another friend who could make the most extraordinary paper mache creations. In art class in junior high, I made the most standard, basic form. Paper mache and I didn’t get along.

So my artistic talent lies elsewhere. And it’s art. Just a different form of art.


I am an artist. I am. In different kinds of mediums. So there. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t talented. Who knows… if you persist at learning how to? I might even be able to draw the best trees ever.

I was watching a video on how some creative photo artists got started and became ultra successful. Many didn’t have formal training. They had a natural talent. And a drive to excel.

I’ve created stories since I was little. It came naturally to me. But creating stories, and learning how to put them on paper in a better way took some learning. For photography, I watch videos and read articles all the time. For my bears, I learned that on my own, creating and re-creating patterns to make them better. I embroidered for years and years before that, and added that to my personalized bears. So some is practice to make the art better. It came with time. I’ve never been one to create something and become an instant success.

Have a great and talented day, no matter where your creativity lies. Don’t ever let someone discourage you from reaching your dreams.


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  1. I agree with you; you are an artist, the books you write are awesome, the bears you make are beautiful and the pictures you take are wonderful to see. There are many forms of art! Congratulations and thanks for yours!!!

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