Hurricane Harvey Storm Stalled

A 4:15 am alert woke made me get out of bed to check and make sure we weren’t under a tornado warning. We’re under a tornado watch until 1 pm, and 83 flood alerts. The lightning storm was last night and seemed to last forever. I finally stopped editing and took a few videos of it. Through the window though, which can be dangerous enough.

hurricane Harvey weather map Sunday 5

It’s pouring out now. So far we’re good. Yesterday morning, we’d had 9 inches of rain. I’ll update once it’s light enough to check. I took a flashlight out when I took the puppies out again and it’s at 15 inches of rain now. Still pouring out.

If you’re in the affected area, stay safe.


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3 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey Storm Stalled

  1. So glad you posted an update. You have been on my mind. Sending good thoughts and prayers that you remain safe

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  2. Thanks, ladies! We were under a tornado warning earlier, back to a tornado watch until 2 am Monday, and it’s pouring. We have had 20 inches, but it’s been coming down too hard to check and see how much more we’ve gotten. We’re good, water draining off the property, but a lot of the roads are flooded.

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