Hurricane Harvey: A Historical Event

We’re fine, high enough that our rainwater is running off and not getting into the homes. 25 inches of rain so far.

We have 4 more days of rain, then the chance drops off to 40% for a couple of days. And then 80% again. I didn’t think I’d ever be glad NOT to have rain. It’s windy today, and the rain is light and that’s finally allowing for some of the water to seep in, but areas are still being evacuated before more flooding can occur with the new rainfall.

This is one of the sheriff’s alerts:

“Riley Fuzzel Rd under SH 99 is closed to through traffic due to Spring Creek over flow. Vehicles can still get onto SH 99 main lanes but not on Riley Fuzzel Rd east or west bound under SH 99. Please avoid that area and monitor local news & emergency service channels for updates.”

Tons of road closures all over. But people are feeling housebound and just have to get out. I took a walk this morning while it was not raining for once, and took pictures of the ponds. They’re elevated, but so deep, except for some trees in standing water, they’re not reaching the roadways.

Schools are closed through Sept 5 now.

Off to write. Our electricity went out for a blip, so I’m hoping that was the only time we’d lose it.

More later…


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8 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey: A Historical Event

  1. Barely able to get our feet muddy up at Waco, not sure if I should be happy or sad. It will be dry again too soon because no weather pattern lasts very long in Texas. Hang in there.

  2. I wondered if you were getting any of this, and I know you probably needed more. I agree. The cooler weather is nice, and I’m sure when it’s gone, we’ll have heat and humidity and mosquitoes like you wouldn’t believe. Today is windy with a light rain so far, so it’s been really nice. And 73, can’t beat that. I feel for all those without electricity and whose homes have flooded or could still.

  3. Glad to hear you are ok for now. Hope it continues. Our prayer and thoughts are with everyone in Texas. So much devastation and loss, I am so glad you and family are safe. I cannot even imagine that much rain. Some of the forecast people here in WI. are trying to explain how much rain you are getting. For every inch or rain we would get 10 inches of snow. That is a good way to help us understand what Texas is going through. Just please stay safe.

    • Wow, that’s amazing. We would be buried forever if it was snow!!! But then, some areas are getting buried in water! The problem is that they have so much concrete in the Houston area, that there’s no place for the water to run off to, and it’s a low lying area on top of that. If it were more elevated, it would be better. I just hope they’re wrong in saying that it’s going to go out into the Gulf, pick up more rain, return and dump it here again. Thanks!! Lots of roads are flooded and people can’t really leave. Some stores are open, but getting there can be bad news. We’re doing good for now. Thanks!!

  4. They are finally going out in the rain, figuring it’s never going to stop. The wind is strong today, and Tanner is barking at every little noise because of it. My neighbor just ran to the store and I asked if they have any D batteries. Nope, still out. I ordered another lantern just in case and it arrived before all this hit, though I couldn’t get to the mailbox until today, but it needs D batteries. I looked at 3 stores before all this hit, but they were out. So I’ll have to just make due if the electric goes out. It’s already gone out for a few seconds 3 times today. He could make it to the store, but low-riding cars couldn’t.

  5. we’re pray for you and family also for the all of state of Texas.. stay stronger. hugs, from CT



    • Thanks, Torie! We’re doing well. Had another inch of rain to make it 26 inches, but it’s not accumulating as fast. And the water is thankfully running off away from the house, so we’re staying dry. Electric went off 4 times today, but came right back on. Thanks!!!

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