Rain and More Rain…from the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Usually, I look for more rain in the forecast. Now I look to see when it is going away.

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day.

Which is so true. The land is drowned in water like this, then it will clear up and we’ll be wishing we had some rain. Not south of us though. I feel for those that have lost their cars and homes to flood waters and storm damage. And for those who have died in this storm.

When the rain goes away, the nightmare is only really beginning.

The birds and squirrels are looking for shelter under my patio cover, which has also helped to keep the accumulating rain away from the house, as well as the gutters. Even in my neighborhood, some are having trouble with flooding, asking about French drains, when this isn’t really the time to be asking!

I didn’t see alligators in the pond, just a couple of turtles, who love this weather. Their pond is now even bigger.

We’ve had 27 1/2 inches of rain, and it’s raining this morning. I walked to the ponds yesterday to see if they were still contained. They are, though some trees are now in the water. They appear to have been built deep enough and large enough, that they’re rising, but still contained. Another pond a little farther away is too shallow and spilling into the road. There are several others that I didn’t check out. We had 0% chance of rain for like half hour, and twenty minutes later, the winds were gusting and the rain was starting up again, so I headed home.

They’re asking for boats and trucks that can navigate high waters. The grocery stores are running out of a lot of things–some made it to the stores, but they’re closing early. We’re still getting sheriff’s warnings to stay at home because people are getting caught up in the flood waters, stalling out their cars, and becoming more of the problem.

If you have to get out, take a stroll in the rain! Just watch for alligators and snakes.

Prayers for all those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have 100% chance of rain today, 90% tomorrow, and 50% the next day, so it will continue to drop from there.


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