Blue Skies After Hurricane Harvey

The devastation and the cleanup will be a nightmare for so many areas of Houston and the surrounding cities. We’re still under 13 flood warnings, but the water is receding from creeks and rivers and roadways.

We are expected to have another bout of rain on Monday and Tuesday, but hopefully with some dry days in between, the water levels will have a chance to go down.

Gloomy skies were returning and we have dark clouds this morning, even though we only have a chance of 20%. After all the rain, they’re not welcome.

Now the cleanup begins. It’s back to the 90s tomorrow and the next few days–I’m afraid mosquitoes will be out in force too.

Hope the areas where the storm has moved off to remain safe.


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4 thoughts on “Blue Skies After Hurricane Harvey

  1. I know one football player from here but plays for Dallas, has raised over 4 million dollars. He will make sure the money goes to the people. Plus stations here held a telephone things and raised 137,000 for the red cross/ Quite a few people from here at the Red Cross are down there also. Also two beer companies here send millions of cans of water down to Texas. So everyone in every sate are doing their part to help out. our fellow citizens. STAY SAFE!!!

    • That’s great! We donated blankets and towels, clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. But that’s wonderful. So many have no homes to go back to. In one of the neighborhoods close by, they were gutting a couple of homes that had been flooded.

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