Rain-Free for a Few More Days

We are usually praying for rain, but yesterday, it started to sprinkle and we were all out cleaning up yards, and there was a sense of panic–oh no, not more rain. We were still under 16 flood warnings yesterday, and we were getting stuff together to donate to the shelters.

One of my neighbors had a pine tree snap in two, but luckily it missed his house. I worried about some of the others, mine included, as I watched a neighbor behind me and across the street whose pine tree was swaying in the wind. They’re around eighty feet or taller and they used to be surrounded by forests, so the trees grew up together, supported each other, and now they’re on their own. The pine tree in the cloudy sunset picture, distant center is the tree that was swaying so much. I didn’t want to look and see what my trees were doing. You can see the twig flying horizontally to the ground also.

Wet house finches trying to catch a bite to eat under the roof of the feeder. You can see the slashes of rain around them. Wet momma cardinal feeding male juvenile on the patio while it was pouring.

When I closed my eyes last night, I saw rain. It’s amazing what the power of an image will have on you. When we weren’t having lightning storms, or were under a tornado watch or warning, I would work at my computer and see the rain. Constant, unending rain. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like a water faucet had been turned on and got stuck. Even last year in the spring when we had all the flooding of roads and homes due to a different kind of storm system, it wasn’t this bad. It would stop intermittently. This just wouldn’t, except for the 20 minutes that one day I got out to take pictures of the pond.

We have more rain predicted for Tuesday, but that’s down from yesterday when they were predicting Monday and Tuesday. We’re down to 9 flood warnings, so the water is receding. My son-in-law is going to try to make it into work today. He tried yesterday and had to turn around and work from home again.

Otherwise, the chance for rain is slim, and we even have sunny days coming. And the heat will be here today and tomorrow, but then it’s going to be around 80s, which helps because the cleanup crews have to work in all of this. The bad news, besides all this other bad news, is that the mosquitoes will be swarming in a couple of weeks. We’ve had Nile virus out here before, so fingers crossed we’re okay.

Deadlines are beckoning. Hope you have a great day!


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    • Thanks, Lola! My mouse stopped working and I finally ventured out to the store. A lot of shelves are half empty, but they had a mouse, and D Batteries, for the next time. 🙂

  1. Add insect repellent to grocery list. Also citronella candles. Dogs are susceptible to dangers from mosquitoes too

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