I received an email from the journalist who is writing the story on me for the university that I received my graduate degree from and so I was in the middle of responding to her when someone knocks on the door.

I figure it’s my battery operated radio I ordered for the storm, that still hasn’t arrived. That’s okay. I’ll be all set when we have another. Though hopefully we won’t have anything this bad again. I keep saying this because the flooding last year wasn’t supposed to have happened either.

It wasn’t the delivery man! My daughter showed up with baby and wanted to take a walk as she’s going stir crazy. Man, was it hot out. And muggy. And hot. We walked nearly 4 miles.

On the walk, we saw a great white heron, an impassable walkway for the baby in her buggy, toadstools, and a maintenance guy was going around to all the trash receptacles and letting out all the water in them.

Then we went to a restaurant that was open, just to get out. She’s going back to work early to deal with deliveries of food to her school district, but the kids and rest of the staff won’t be starting back until the 11th.  Too many staff members were affected by the flooding.

We donated to an animal shelter last night, and I just learned one of our local authors lost everything in the flood, so off to donate for her.

Hope your day is great!


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2 thoughts on “Late…Late…Late

  1. My heart breaks for all those who have suffered such devastating loss. At the same time, I am so glad that you and your family are ok. Another author, Lani Lynn Vale has her husband and s cousin that left their homes to take boats over to help. Texans have big hearts for sure.

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    • Mine too. It’s so awful for so many people. I just learned one of my fans lost her home too. It’s so awful. I learned that 40,000 who fled Katrina ended up staying in Houston, and some of those had to be boated out, just like before. What a nightmare to have to live through this a second time! We’ve had help from everywhere, and it’s been really heart-rendering to see the outpouring of love.

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