Realty to Fantasy

I create stories, some based on some realty, and some made up. My world is as real as can be, just add some wolf shifters, jaguar shifters, bear shifters, or cougar shifters in and you’ve got a fantastical world.

But oftentimes those worlds are based on true happenings, lots of research and sometimes just a kernel of an idea from something on the news or in real life.

In Howling for a Highland Wolf, I really was in the Cayman Islands, and really did see all the banks with doors and that was all, the man wearing the dark suit standing in the lobby, a briefcase chained to his wrist.

In another Highland wolf story, I was at the castle ruins that is the heroine’s.

So when I went to drop off dog treats, toys, leashes, flea medicine, and towels at a neighbor’s house so he and his wife could deliver them where they were working at an animal shelter due to Hurricane Harvey, I had the perfect image. Setup: Wife is on the driveway talking on her phone. Cell phones don’t work in the houses very well, so a lot of folks have to go outside to talk on their cell phones. Something in the roofs that protect from the heat of the sun. See? More little tidbits for a story.

I drive up, and she’s looking at me like who are you. And I ask if they’re the ones collecting stuff for the shelter.

“Yes! I’ll get my husband.”

I wasn’t sure why she needed to get her husband. There were two large bags of supplies, and I carried one and then the other to their car. Out comes the husband. In boxer shorts.

Sculpted chest, tall, shoeless, great legs, and a big smile. I mean, I’m a romance author, right? So immediately, I’m thinking of a wolf story.  Boxers and a smile. I told my acquisitions editor. She told me if I think of the story, she’ll publish it. lol

Okay, so it’s been bad in the Houston and surrounding areas. Along our main road, the cleanup continues. All of the businesses on one side of the road are on lower ground and were flooded. On the opposite side, higher ground, so their runoff added to their across-the-road neighbors’ flooding issues. The road was under water also.

Here is what happened to one man when he returned to his flooded home:

Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to an intruder call at a residence near Lake Houston. Upon arrival, deputies were met by a large alligator who made his way into this flooded home. Constables will soon be delivering the alligator back into his natural habitat.

Image may contain: people sitting

The alligator was returned to his home, and now the poor house owner has to start his cleanup.

We were very fortunate. No flooding, except for areas of the yard, and no alligators. That we’ve seen. Yet.

Hope your day goes well.


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6 thoughts on “Realty to Fantasy

  1. Good Sunday morning to you
    lol… Terry I can imagen your gray cells turning as you saw your neighbor in his boxer and bare feet … at the same time I think you have to have an AMAZING brain …
    I will go NUTS if everything I see will turn into another possibility lol

  2. lol, when I was in one of my graduate economics courses at Monmouth University, I was in a mansion where one of the bedrooms was a classroom. They had a fireplace and all the beautiful woodwork, and I thought about what it would be like to have lived back there, staying in this bedroom, and imagining in some distant future, students would be learning business subjects to further their education. There is a story in there. Time Travel. 🙂

  3. So glad you are ok. So many are not. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all in the flood areas. Hoping they are being taken care of. Also love you thinking about boxers and wolf shifter. Mind is always working. You have a gift that you share with all your readers. Thank you for that.

    • Thank you, yes, it’s so hard for everyone who has been displaced and lost everything. They’re talking about how people were moved from one shelter to another. It’s bad enough that they had to stay in any of them. But at least they had a place for protection from the storms. The clean up will take forever.

  4. Thank you for your posts sharing with us what your experience has been like. So grateful the worst seems to be over and you survived

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