Blanket Flowers

A field of blanket flowers. Individual plants in the garden. And the seeds ready to make a field of blanket flowers. 🙂 <3

I missed doing my blog yesterday. Between internet trouble in the morning and then taking care of grandbaby, I never had time. I did spend a few hours trying to complete a 40 question interview though, which I did finish.

Hey, if you ask me which I like better, one thing or another, I have to give more of an explanation. I’m a writer. 🙂

Okay, off to work on Billionaire Wolf Christmas. Hope you all have a lovely day !


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2 thoughts on “Blanket Flowers

  1. I planted some of the blanket flowers last year in one of my beds. I was so surprised when they came back again this year.

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    • That is so neat, Linda!! I’m hoping these do too. I planted this year for the first time. Coneflower and salvia came back up this year, marigolds, and some snapdragons. It’s fun to see the plants come back on their own!

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