Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars!

The monarch butterflies only feed off milkweed, so I’m struggling to get rid of the aphids and milkweed bugs that are trying to destroy the milkweed plants. And I found two little tiny, itty bitty monarch butterfly caterpillars. You can see how tiny they are with the one on the tiny flower bud.

Grandbaby sitting, so we had a morning walk (it was cooler out!) and she’s down for a nap (momentarily). So off to work on a snow globe Christmas card for one of my fans.  I needed to make a larger version. Note to self: Make two versions when working on photoshop. The BIG one, and the reduced size for the internet.

Vistaprint makes really nice cards, business cards, and they have their annual 50% off right now, so trying to get this done so I can get them printed off for Christmas!

Have a fabulous day! I have baby monarch caterpillars! They losing their habitat so quickly that they are dwindling in numbers every year. So I want to do my little, little, little part to help them.


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