Loving Scotland

Love Scotland. This is an ancient building in Scotland, a rainbow, and on the Isle of Skye, a momma and her calf trailing behind at sunset. And of course the best part, a couple of Highlanders to love.

Next up! My Highlander!

The house was hot, but it’s cool out this morning, so windows are open, fans going, cooling off the stuffy house, nature’s way!

I worked on My Highlander last night, 500 words, yay!

But I had to write up the synopsis for Billionaire Wolf Christmas because I’ll soon be asked for marketing materials. It doesn’t take me long to forget the details of a book because I’ll be wrapped up in a new one, and I’ll always be doing edits on another. So that was my priority last night. Still have to do more–this is the fun part–giving some details for the cover! Taking a 107,000 book and turning it into a 50, 250, and 2,000-word synopsis is not easy!!! But they need it for marketing, so it has to be done.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day! I’m done! I’m done! I’m done!!!


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