White Tiger and Soldier Meerkats

I have to say that some of the reason I was able to capture so many beautiful pictures was that the Fort Worth Zoo was truly  beautiful. With gorgeous settings, hand-painted backgrounds, and active animals, I was really fortunate. This tiger had a lovely enclosure to explore, waterfall and all. He/she was up above when I captured the first shot, but moving down below in the next photo and the background/foreground of the woods and rocks and leaves made it magical.

So I’m up to 12,000 + on My Highlander. I was supposed to have that by today, so doing great! NaNoWriMo encourages writers to write 50,000 words in a month during November. To get daily word count, no matter how many words that is. 100 words? You nailed it. So yesterday was one of my “off” days, meaning I didn’t have to write anything, having had to take care of grandbaby all day, but I managed to get 3,000 words last night. See? I just need to challenge myself sometimes. This makes me even more accountable.

Before I began to take care of my granddaughter, I would write 2,000 words a day at minimum, so 50,000 words in a month was no problem. I’d normally make much more. I want to get 3,000 again today. I have nothing else I HAVE to do, so maybe more. The problem is getting stuck. If I get stuck on where I’m going with the story…then word count won’t come. Leaving the story at a cliff hanger helps me to get started though first thing, and I have a great cliff hanger for myself this morning.

One puppy is curled up on my lap, the other asleep on the floor. They both want to eat, but they’re giving me a break, so I’ll write until they won’t let me, hunger pangs winning out. 🙂


Here are some of my favorite Meerkats. The one was at Disney World, the moody ones at the Fort Worth Zoo, and the bottom ones in San Diego Zoo. It’s not so much the animals that appealed, though they are adorable, but the settings and the interaction. The ones at the San Diego Zoo were moving around a lot, but I managed to capture that shot of the two of them. And there were more at Disney, but all in hiding, while the one stood as the sole soldier sentry.

I’m off to write! Hope you have a fun day!!


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