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White Tiger and Soldier Meerkats

I have to say that some of the reason I was able to capture so many beautiful pictures was that the Fort Worth Zoo was truly  beautiful. With gorgeous settings, hand-painted backgrounds, and active animals, I was really fortunate. This tiger had a lovely enclosure to explore, waterfall and all. He/she was up above when I captured the first shot, but moving down below in the next photo and the background/foreground of the woods and rocks and leaves made it magical.

So I’m up to 12,000 + on My Highlander. I was supposed to have that by today, so doing great! NaNoWriMo encourages writers to write 50,000 words in a month during November. To get daily word count, no matter how many words that is. 100 words? You nailed it. So yesterday was one of my “off” days, meaning I didn’t have to write anything, having had to take care of grandbaby all day, but I managed to get 3,000 words last night. See? I just need to challenge myself sometimes. This makes me even more accountable.

Before I began to take care of my granddaughter, I would write 2,000 words a day at minimum, so 50,000 words in a month was no problem. I’d normally make much more. I want to get 3,000 again today. I have nothing else I HAVE to do, so maybe more. The problem is getting stuck. If I get stuck on where I’m going with the story…then word count won’t come. Leaving the story at a cliff hanger helps me to get started though first thing, and I have a great cliff hanger for myself this morning.

One puppy is curled up on my lap, the other asleep on the floor. They both want to eat, but they’re giving me a break, so I’ll write until they won’t let me, hunger pangs winning out. 🙂


Here are some of my favorite Meerkats. The one was at Disney World, the moody ones at the Fort Worth Zoo, and the bottom ones in San Diego Zoo. It’s not so much the animals that appealed, though they are adorable, but the settings and the interaction. The ones at the San Diego Zoo were moving around a lot, but I managed to capture that shot of the two of them. And there were more at Disney, but all in hiding, while the one stood as the sole soldier sentry.

I’m off to write! Hope you have a fun day!!


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Cinderella’s Castle in Different Moods


When writing, creating moods for scenes can change everything for the characters. Here, I caught an early morning shot before the park opened. We went early to eat breakfast, which we found was the best way to do it. Then you’re done and first in line for rides before the others were allowed into the park. We ate at Beauty and the Beast, and it was great! 🙂

I had to stop and take pictures when storm clouds loomed over the castle, and yes, it poured, and we were drenched. But it cooled us off and we were happy to walk in the rain.

And then at night, the castle all lit up and fireworks bursting around it was just…well, magical.

Each creates a different mood: quiet and serene, stormy and foreboding, dark and exciting.

Have a great moody day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Jurassic World

We had fun watching the movie and then had pizza out. For lovers of the original movie, they had some fun nostalgic items in the new movie that you’ll get a kick out of seeing. I thought the Asian guy was the same in the lab and sure enough he was. Twenty-two years later.

Jurassic World HD Resolution Wallpaper, Free download Jurassic World ...

They had one of those backstory dumps to explain away why the kids could get an old vehicle running–“Remember how we worked with grandpa on his old car?” Or words to that effect.

Young kid: “Oh yeah,” and voila, old car fixed.

Rainforest waterfall--Moody Gardens

Rainforest waterfall–Moody Gardens


Even the hero said, “I wonder how the kids could have figured out how to get the old car running.”

Hmmm, instead of being a mopey teen, he could have been fixing an old junker he was totally into and couldn’t part with and then that would have given him much more character as far as why he didn’t want to leave, and made the scene with the car believable.

Oh, all right, so when are dinosaurs in a theme park believable? Really.

pteryodactyl Disney World (640x298) (2)

Still, that’s what makes fantasy fun. That it’s so believable, it’s real.

One of our all time favorite parts, even though it was really brief, was Jimmy Buffet grabbing not one, but two margaritas from his Margaritaville Bar at the Jurassic theme park while the pterodactyls were swooping in for happy meals. Hilarious.

Ice Cave Disney World

Ice Cave Dinosaur Restaurant Disney World

My daughter commented on the heroine’s hair. It was so coiffured, and then supposed to have been spazzed in all the running and such that she was doing, but instead it looked like another curled and waved fresh and professional do. Not like the rest of us would look like if we were running through a jungle in fear of being ripped apart by dinosaurs. 🙂

Hey, it’s fantasy. Like a woman waking up looking gorgeous in bed, not to mention she’s wearing makeup, but also, her hair is just perfect.

dinosaurs (640x480) (2)

All in all, we liked the plot, the memorabilia, and the characters. I loved the part where the hero was using clickers for training the raptors. My daughter used them to train her corgis. I never did with mine, but it was so hilarious.

jurassic world dinosaurs

So we had a delightful time. One of the most memorable lines for me in the original version was something to the effect, “They do have dinosaurs on exhibit here. Right?”

I have often repeated that concept: The wolves at Milwaukee Zoo wouldn’t make an appearance. Same thing for ghosts on a ghost tour. No shows. And at the International Wolf Center, they often get that. The wolves aren’t there when the visitors want to see them.

So it follows that the dinosaurs aren’t on a schedule. 🙂 <3

We watched Between last night where anyone over the age of 21 died in a town. It’s interesting what concepts authors will have and how they show what would happen in a fantasy way if all of a sudden some calamity strikes.

I have to say some of those who are supposed to be under 21, are a LOT older than that.

Okay off for a another play day. Our terrible storms amounted to light showers in the morning and that was it. So we had another fun walk with the dogs last night.

Have a super great Sunday!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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The Snake Door Removeth

I’ve been doing some remodeling to snake proof my house. But in truth, I don’t know where the two snakes came in. And my snake guard bird–the road runner–took off, so I couldn’t rely on him to do the job.bcd78-roadrunnerheadon-339x400


But I finally got some things done–replaced some windows and I’m so happy with them. The winds would blow my blinds around! And no, I didn’t have my windows open for that to happen. The heat on the south side of the house would come through the windows, not noticed before, but once I moved my computer desk next to them, it was noticeable. Plus I worried about all the dust and dirt that constantly blew in from the fields surrounding me.

So, I finally ordered new windows. They are GREAT!

It’s already been in the 90’s and I only turned on a ceiling fan for a short while later yesterday afternoon, the house staying cool. If you touch the window on the outside, it’s hot, but on the inside, it’s cool. Yes!!! I feel like I’m in my castle now, with 6 foot wide walls that are keeping the cold and heat out.Dunnottar Castle entrance through narrow tunnel

My next project was to have a door removed and replace it with a wall.  The guys did an excellent job. It was the door to the outside to the laundry room, but when my parents added on to the house, another door was built that was the only one any of us used. The other had become obsolete. And I constantly had to clean up dirt and debris at the bottom of it, even though it had a storm door also. So they took care of that and now I have a wall instead of 3 doors going into the small laundry room. And no way for snakes to get in there. I also replaced the dryer vent outdoor flap. The top one had broken off, but if a snake, or two, had come in that way, they’d have had to have gone into the dryer.

Of course, I don’t really know where the snakes came in from. I only know they ended up with me in the living room.  🙂

But despite my road runner abandoning me, I’m feeling more secure. 🙂

It might be false security, but hopefully I’ve plugged up some of the bug holes also this way. You see, I’ve had a ton of flies get into the house. And hornets. And well, just about everything. I’m not leaving doors open. So hopefully, these changes will keep the bugs and critters at bay.

I’m doing my usual balancing act.

balancing act (272x640)

 A fun show outside a restaurant at Disney World.

I have another conference to go to. I’m trying to finish up A SEAL Wolf for Sale, had a breakthrough on how to fix something that wasn’t working for me, but still have 9,000 words to go. Hope to have finished writing it by Friday. And then spend a another couple of weeks editing it.

I have another blog tour coming up, which means I have to write tons more guest blogs and I’m not ready for that again. That’s for Jaguar Hunt coming June 4.

I just received Scepter of Salvation audiobook to review, reviewed, takes at least 2 days and then sent back editing changes, narrator made the changes and then I approved it, paid her and it’s up for review. But at the same time I got the revisions back, The Winged Fae came in for review. So I’m halfway done on that one. Though I had hoped to be working strictly on A SEAL Wolf for Sale all week.


So it’s a balancing act. Which has priority? In this case, all do.

So that’s it! I’ll take pictures of the new windows when I can find a picture of the old window to show a comparison to. 🙂  I don’t think I had one of the laundry room door. *sigh* I should always take before and after pictures, reminder to self.

Off to finish up The Winged Fae, and then it’s back to A SEAL Wolf For Sale.

Have a brilliantly fun Monday. Do you ever feel things are a balancing act? I set my priorities and it all gets done. What about you?


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”