Using a Speedlight

Unless I’m doing this wrong, which is entirely possible, the speedlight is great if you need to light up objects in a too dark room. But if you need to show Christmas lighting, for instance, you can’t use flash.

Off to finish getting ready. The nice thing is when your guests arrive, you can’t get ready any more. What’s done is done. What’s undone is….undone. 🙂

Hope you get more done than is left undone!


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2 thoughts on “Using a Speedlight

    • You’re so welcome and glad it helped! I’ve really needed to do something for a long time, and they’re not that expensive. I bought 2 soft boxes that haven’t arrived yet, but I’m hoping they will give a softer light for portrait work. I’ll show before and afters on that. But the speedlight is excellent for brightening objects indoors and the items retain their natural colors. They say they can help for outdoor pictures too, if you have the subject in the shade. I haven’t tried that yet, but will. 🙂 I took a picture of a monarch butterfly’s chrysalis–forgot to go out and get a picture of it before it was getting too dark–and used the speedlight. Turned out beautifully. I’ll show it in tomorrow’s blog. Now I can probably capture pictures of things in the semi-dark that I couldn’t before–like a frog clinging to a wall, and a butterfly hanging off the porch ceiling. 🙂

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