Photomanipulation Fun

In the ladybug picture, I added two sky overlays. In the sleigh picture, I added my granddaughter, my havanese, the green bow on the sleigh, my Christmas tree, my mohair string teddy bear, extra snow, lights on the house, and the polar bear cub. 🙂

Now I’m off to run a million errands! And vacuum up pine needles again. Oh, and call about my ice maker. It’s making ice, just not dispensing it and the light panel on the front is only half lighting. It’s 2 years old. My old fridge in the old house was 15 years old. No problems ever. 2-year planned obsolescence??? Come on, manufacturers. You can do a better job than that. At least you sure used to.

Oh, and I got a speedlight so that indoor pictures aren’t too dark. But I need to figure it out still. Without speedlight and with. I’m not sure if this will cause people to squint. I tried with my dogs this morning, but I think Max closed his eyes. Just checked, nice lighting, shows his real color, if he didn’t close his eyes. lol

On NaNoWriMo, managed 1,000 words. Still haven’t reached 60K, but hope to today.

Have a lovely day!!!


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